The Happy Moron

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The Happy Moron is a personal homepage and blog.

As you can see, this site is not fully developed!

The Happy Moron serves as a development playground, a token web-presence, and a publishing medium.

While The Happy Moron is centred around my intents and purposes, I sincerely hope that you will find something here that is interesting, fun, or otherwise of value to you. Browsing is optional, feedback is encouraged, spam is deleted.

This site is currently experiencing the slow and continuous process of construction. Sure, it's not pretty yet, but I'd rather have an ugly site than a nonexistant one. If I ever decide that life is too short for creative authorship, I'll throw up a pretty template from somewhere.

This is the happy moron. It's a website. More specifically, it's my website. Who am I? That blurb isn't up yet. When will it be up? When I put it up. Until then, go in peace.

About the Happy Moron